Yaro Tiger Puffy Black Gold Cashmere Glam Ring Sling

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49% Cotton 45% Cashmere 5% Viscose 1% Glitter

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49% Cotton 45% Cashmere 5% Viscose 1% Glitter

Puffy weave

74 cm width

300 gsm

Another one of our luxurious blends: a lush combination of cotton and cashmere with a touch of viscose.  Medium-heavy in hand, great support. Glides well with multiple passes, without being too slippery. Enjoy multiple looks with this beautiful black and gold wrap.  After a wash  this wrap will fluff up, with a little use this will transform in a warm cosy wrap which is perfect for every age and experience levels. When kissed by the sun this wrap will show its hidden sparkle.

Handwash required.

Woven wrap size 6 for 29€
Promoting babywearing and making it accessible to all parents has been the basic concept behind the creation of Yaro Broken Twill 33 - an affordable wrap for the whole babywearing journey.
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