ManyMonth Wool Shorty Spicy Chocolate

ManyMonth Wool Shorty Spicy Chocolate

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Natural and SO easy alternative – Wool Shorties pull-ups

  • Breathable
  • Absorbent
  • Elastic
  • Keeps baby's skin dry and warm
  • Double layered
  • Foldable waist rib
  • Finnish design

Merino wool allows moisture to evaporate which aids in maintaining optimal skin temperature. Lanolinising makes wool both water resistant and self-cleaning. Not even advanced modern technology can replicate the comfort, durability, softness and security that wool offers.

All seams are sewn flat and the ribs have good stretch, which makes dressing easy. With Longies you don't need any other pants. The Longies are available in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL.

Longies wool pants are suitable also for use with disposable diapers to keep baby warm, which is especially important for premature babies and newborns. The pants cover the whole tummy area up to the chest of the baby and helps to keep his/her body temperature more consistent. Wool clothing is perfect for every season, unique in the way it can accommodate fluctuating temperatures and environmental changes.

XS   0-2/3 months, also fits preemies from approx. 2 kg

S     2-4/6 months
M    4/6-12/14 months
L     12/14-24 months
XL   22 months ->

Material: 100% natural merino wool rib, non-mulesing production

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