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Breastfeeding Bra LENA ORGANIC Black

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For the time of breastfeeding we have developed with ?Lena? a bra
that will support your breasts and offer wonderful comfort. The
breastfeeding bra is made of 92 % organic cotton and 8 % lycra,
thus enabling a comfortable fit. The highly elastic knitted structure
and the broad straps secure a good but nevertheless tender stability.

There are 8 sizes to choose from:

Size Width under the breast Cup
1 75–80 B–C
2 75–80 D–E
3 80–85 B–C
4 85–90 B–C
5 80–85 D–E
6 85–90 D–E
7 95–110 D–E
8 95–110 B–C

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Partly in stock