Yaro Exoplanet Duo Camel Black Blue Wool Blend Ring Sling

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40% Cotton 50% Wool 10% Silk

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40% Cotton 50% Wool 10% Silk

Duo weave

75 cm width

305 gsm

Exoplanet in deep earthy colours in a luxery blend with high wool. For the real wool lovers! Wool has great heat regulating properties. This means, cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. You can never go wrong with a comfortable wooly.

Bouncy, with enough grip for a great wrapjob. . The wrap fits like a bandage and has great glide so your passes will go nice into place. For both single and multi-layered wrap jobs. This wrap needs a hand wash in lukewarm water. Make sure the water heat is constant even when rinsing. No cold wash. Suitable for al ages and experience levels.

Woven wrap size 6 for 29€
Promoting babywearing and making it accessible to all parents has been the basic concept behind the creation of Yaro Broken Twill 33 - an affordable wrap for the whole babywearing journey.
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