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Yaro Pussycat Ultra...
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Yaro Pussycat Ultra Carnelian Rainbow Tencel Linen Ring...

Contains Color: Bordeaux
White, Weave: Ultra, Material: Linen
Tencel, GSM: 220 - 280 g/m², 40% Cotton 30% Linen 30% Tencel
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40% cotton, 30% linen, 30% tencel

Ultra weave

74 cm width

250 grm

This gorgeous Pussycat is absolute eye candy. Perfect summer blend with the linen and tencel. The wrap is airy so wonderful for warmer days.  It has a lot of grip and enough bounce on the shoulders to have a comfortable wear. Because of the linen it needs a little breaking in, but after a wash and some ironing it will soften up. It wraps easily, and once knotted wrap stays in place the whole day.   This wrap is suitable for bigger babies and toddlers. Perfect for a ruck! For all experience levels. You can machine wash at 30 degrees on delicate settings and low spinning.

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Ultra Linen
220 - 280 g/m²
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Yaro Petals Ultra Blue...

Yaro Petals Ultra Blue Violet Green Seacell Ring Sling

Contains Color: Blue
Purple, Weave: Ultra, Material: Seacell, GSM: 280 - 350 g/m², 90% Cotton 10% Seacell, Ultra weave, 70 cm width, 330 gm2
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90% Cotton 10% Seacell

Ultra weave

70 cm width

330 gm2

Beautiful Petals in Blue Violet and Green. This wrap has a blend  with 10% Seacell. A delight to wrap with, this wrap will be soft quickly after a wash and a little babywearing. The seacell makes the wrap feel a little spongy which adds to the soft touch to the skin. The wrap has nice glide and great grip, your passes will go easily into place and stay there for a long babywearing walk. The wrap is of mediumweigh which makes it after being broken in also suitable for a newborn but certainly toddler worthy!

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Ultra Seacell 280 - 350 g/m²
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