Yaro Kite Trinity Multicolor Double Rainbow High Wool Ring Sling

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40% Cotton 60% Wool

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40% Cotton 60% Wool

Trinity weave

74 cm width

300 gsm

Yaro Kite Trinity Multicolor Double Rainbow High Wool, a high wool version of a new pattern Kite. This beauty had a high wool blend with 60% wool! For the real wool lovers! Wool has great heat regulating properties. This means, cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. You can never go wrong with a comfortable wooly. The colors are in a bright rainbow. The wrap is super soft from the start. Is is medium thick in hand, on the heavier side. The wrap is suitable for bigger babies and toddlers. This wrap needs hand wash and flat drying. Suitable for all experience levels.

About the double rainbow: In Duo weave, as in Ultra and Trinity, 2 weft of similar thickness are used. In single Rainbows we let one of the wefts change its color while the other one stays the same. In double rainbow, both of the wefts change theirs colors.

Woven wrap size 6 for 29€
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