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100% cotton

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Turquoise 220 - 280 g/m²

100% Cotton

Waffle Weave

72 cm width

220 gm2

This wrap is woven in our signature waffle weave. This weave gives the wrap a lot of dimension and structure. In the two colored wraps, this makes a spectacular color changeant effect. The color changes when different lighting shines on it. The wraps are soft and moldable. The waffle weave makes these wrap fit like a bandage. These wraps are cushy and a cloud on the shoulders. The most sensitive skin will appreciate the silky soft feeling. Even the smallest newborn will be secure and comfortable. The wraps have a low gm2 and feel light in hand. To carry your toddler or bigger baby this wrap can be used multi layered as well. To make it even more perfect: the wraps are 100% cotton so they are easy care!

Contains Color
220 - 280 g/m²
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YRWFLTUR65 6.50 meters Out of stock €70.25 €35.12
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YRWFLTUR46 4.60 meters Out of stock €44.63 €22.31
YRWFLTUR42 4.20 meters NL, BE - ordered before 23:00, shipped the same day €38.84 €19.42
YRWFLTUR36 3.60 meters Out of stock €31.40 €15.70
YRWFLTUR32 3.20 meters Out of stock €25.62 €12.81
YRWFLTUR26 2.60 meters Out of stock €17.36 €8.68
Woven wrap size 6 for 29€
Promoting babywearing and making it accessible to all parents has been the basic concept behind the creation of Yaro Broken Twill 33 - an affordable wrap for the whole babywearing journey.
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