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Yaro Hug Carrier. 10% seaweed, 20% supima cotton, 70% egyptian cotton.

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Plain 100% Cotton

Yaro Hug baby carrier

Hugs are one of the most powerful human interactions. Hugs make us feel wonderful because when humans embrace each other, they release the hormone called oxytocin – often referred to as bonding hormone, or cuddle hormone. Oxytocin is associated with happiness and less stress. It has been shown that hugging and oxytocin help to prevent postpartum depression in mothers, help to lower cortisol levels in infants and lead to less crying. Hug your baby and have your hands free with Yaro Hug baby carrier. 

Yaro Hug baby carrier is an innovative one size fits all adjustable baby carrier – an all-in solution for the whole babywearing period, suitable for the parents and care givers of different sizes, and fits the babies from 3 kg (6.6 lb) and 22 kg (50 lb), which is approximately from birth and up to 3 years.

Adjustment for the wearer

Yaro Hug baby carrier can be adjusted for a wearer of any size. The shoulder straps can be shortened or extended depending on the length and size of the wearer. The design of the carrier allows 2 positions of the shoulder straps on the back – crossed or parallel. 

The connecting buckle on the shoulder straps is necessary to keep the shoulder straps from falling off the shoulders. It can slide up and down the shoulder straps. It can also be completely taken off and placed higher or lower so that the wearer can reach it without assistance and close it or open it. 

The waist band can be shortened or extended to fit the wearer perfectly. Yaro Hug baby carrier comes with an extra removable waist band cushion for the ultimate comfort of the wearer. The cushion serves as an extra layer between the body of the wearer and the waist band. It absorbs the pressure of the band on the back or on the belly of the wearer. The cushion also protects the C-section scar from the pressure and friction of the waist band. 

Adjustment for the baby

The back panel is adjustable in the width at the bottom – for a correct ergonomic position with a perfect knee to knee support, and at the top – for an ergonomic support of the neck of the baby. This wide range of adaptability allows to create a comfortable and ergonomic fit for the baby and makes the panel grow together with the baby from birth to toddlerhood. 

The integrated infant straps are attached to the waist band and can be used to enhance the ergonomic placement of the newborn baby in the carrier. Once the baby is old and strong enough and the infant straps are no longer needed, they can be shortened and compactly stored inside the waist band. 

The removable sleeping hood on the top of the back panel protects the head of the sleeping baby. It can be rolled up as a cushion behind the neck of the baby, or completely removed. 

All features of the Yaro Hug baby carrier

  • – suitable for children between 3 kg (6.6 lb) and 22 kg (50 lb), which is approximately from birth and up to 3 years;
  • – suitable for wearers of different sizes; easy and fast to adjust when switching from one wearer to another;
  • – 2 options to wear the shoulder straps in the front carry – parallel on the back of the wearer or crossed;
  • – adjustable width of the back panel at the bottom (M-position) and of the top neck area;
  • – adjustable circumference of the waist band, from 60 cm to 170 cm
  • – adjustable length of the shoulder straps: suitable for the wearers of different body types and lengths;
  • – sliding shoulder straps connector – easy to move up and down, easy to remove and place where necessary;
  • – newborn straps attached to the waist band for the ergonomic position of the newborn;
  • – removable and adjustable sleeping hood;
  • – free removable sucking pads;
  • – free removable soft cushion on the waist band for extra comfort and to reduce the pressure of the waist band for the wearer.

Yaro Hug baby carrier dimensions

  • – back panel width: 15 cm – 50 cm
  • – back panel height: 33cm – 50 cm
  • – waist band circumference: 60 cm – 170 cm
  • – shoulder straps padded part: 40 cm – 60 cm
  • – shoulder straps full length including the webbing part: 127 cm 


100% Cotton
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