Do you ship outside of the Netherlands and what are the shipping costs?

We ship outside of the Netherlands and outside of the European Union. We ship world wide. The shipping cost varies upon destination. Shipping to most European countries is 9,95 eur and shipping outside of the EU is 24 eur.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Bank transfer
Credit cards

If you pay via paypal or credit card, there is extra fee of 3 eur.
If you make a bank transfer within European Union, there are no charges.

How long does it take for the package to arrive?

Here we can give only an estimation of how long it will take your package to
arrive. This is based solely on our experience.

The package arrvies usually within 3-4 days to Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom.The package will arrive within 5-6 working days to most European countries.

Outside of the European Union:
Russia - 2-3 weeks
Australia - 2 weeks
New Zeeland - 2 weeks
Japan - 2 weeks
Other countries - 2-3 weeks

We always ship with track number. If you do not receive your package
within 3 weeks after you get a message that your package has been dispatched,
contact us immediately!

Who is responsible for customs fees?

The buyer is responsible for any customs fees and duties.