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Yaro La Vita Duo Orange...

Yaro La Vita Duo Orange Fuchsia Black Glam Ring Sling

Contains Color: Fuchsia
Orange, Weave: Duo, Material: Cotton
Glitter, 99% Cotton 1% Glitter, Duo Weave, 71 cm width, 325 gm2
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99% Cotton 1% Glitter

Duo Weave

71 cm width

325 gm2

Silver Rings 

Gathered Shoulder

PREORDER is open and will be closed once we reach the available number of meters. The number of meters is limited. Shipping - second half of September 2021.

Beautiful new La Vita in a deep orange on fuchsia with a touch of glitter. This is a lovely medium thick wrap. It needs just a little breaking in to soften up. This wrap is suitable for a newborn but will keep your bigger baby comfortable in a ruck as well. The glitter makes the glam! This wrap is a delight on the shoulders. Suitable for all ages and all experience levels. 

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Duo Cotton
In Stock
Yaro La Fleur Duo Fuchsia...

Yaro La Fleur Duo Fuchsia Blue Meta Wool Ring Sling

Contains Color: Black
Fuchsia, Weave: Duo, Material: Cotton
Wool, GSM: 280 - 350 g/m², 70% Cotton 30% Merino Wool, Duo Weave, 68 cm width, 280 gm2
In Stock

70% Cotton 30% Merino Wool,

Duo Weave, 

68 cm width,

300 gm2

Yaro La Fleur Duo Fuchsia Blue Meta Wool, stunning La Fleur is a luxury Merino blend. This wrap is kitten belly soft and wraps like a second skin. It has has a perfect glide so your passes will go right into place. A newborn dream, it has a silky feel to the skin. Merino wool is one of the most breathable fibers and is naturally antibacterial. It is an active fiber that responds to changes in body temperature. So it helps you stay warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. Merino wool is 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable. This makes this wrap suitable for al, year round use. The colors are deep fuchsia, blue, purple and are deeply saturated. This wrap is suitable for all ages and all experience levels. This wrap requires handwas with lukewarm water and dry flat. 

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Duo Cotton
280 - 350 g/m²
In Stock