Yaro Oasis Duo Silver Black High Wool Organic Ring Sling

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45% Organic Cotton 55% Organic Wool superwash organic wool

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45% Organic Cotton 55% Organic Wool superwash

Duo weave

75 cm width

280 gsm

Another classy wrap in subtle colors and a luxury blend with 55% wool. This wrap is kitten belly soft from the start. After a wash it is ready to go.  It feels light in hand and once knotted its like a cloud on the shoulders. This wrap can be used with newborn as well as bigger toddlers. The wrap fits like a bandage and has great glide so your passes will go nice into place. For both single and multi-layered wrap jobs.  Superwash wool, this means you can machine wash this wrap on a delicate program with no to low spinning.  Suitable for al ages and experience levels.

Woven wrap size 6 for 29€
Promoting babywearing and making it accessible to all parents has been the basic concept behind the creation of Yaro Broken Twill 33 - an affordable wrap for the whole babywearing journey.
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