Girasol Enfys Ring Sling

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Our Exclusive Girasol Donau is also available as the ring sling!

The shoulder of the Girasol Donau ring sling is the same as the shoulder of the regular Girasol ring slings.


The Girasol Donau has always been one of our most popular exclusive designs. 

The original weft of the Girasol Donau was Azul Pacifico. It's an intense tropical

blue color.


You can read the story behind the creation of the Girasol Donau on Slingomama blog.


In order to experiment we have made 3 additional wefts for the girasol Donau. The color of the

weft changes the color of the whole design. 


Azul pacifico - the original weft. The images without text are with the Azul

Pacifico weft.


Azul hollandes - a dark blue color, used in the famous Dutch pottery

from delft. This weft puts extra accent on brown stripes and makes

them stand out more. And in general there is more contrast between

brown and blue stripes.


Columbia - it's an emerald green color. This is a dark weft and it makes

the whole colorway a bit darker.


Azul de ocaso - it's a light, soft and cold shade of blue. It softens the colorway,

makes the stripes look smooth.

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