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Yaro Oasis Puffy Aqua Grad...

Yaro Oasis Puffy Aqua Grad Blue Bronze Seacell Ring Sling

Contains Color: Blue
Purple, Weave: Puffy, Material: Cotton
Seacell, 85% Cotton 15% Seacell, Puffy Weave, 70 cm width, 340 gm2
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85% Cotton 15% Seacell

Puffy Weave

70 cm width

340 gm2

Gathered Shoulder

Silver Rings

Beautiful new Oasis Puffy in a pastel light aqua blue. Cush, blankety, a cloud on the shoulders. This wrap is soft from the start and will become even softer after a wash and a little use. This wrap has very soft pastel colors, bronze, blue green and purple. This wrap is a true luxury show stopper with a lovely blend with 15% seacell. The seacell even adds to the softness and gives the wrap some spongyness. This wrap is suitable for bigger babys and toddlers and all experience levels.

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Puffy Cotton
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Yaro Pussycat Puffy Black...
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Yaro Pussycat Puffy Black White Hollow Wool Ring Sling

Contains Color: Black
White, Weave: Puffy, Material: Cotton
Wool, 80% Cotton, 20% Wool, Puffy Weave, 69 cm width, 425 gm2
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80% Cotton, 20% Wool, 

Puffy Weave, 

69 cm width, 

425 gm2

Wonderful pussycat in a puffy weave and a wool blend. Gorgeous glitter on a black and white wrap. The wrap will sparkle and shine especially when being kissed by the sun.This wrap is blankety soft. It feels like a cloud on the shoulders. This makes a great ruck wrap as well. The wrap is on the heavier side but once wrapped it feels very light and comfortable. This wrap is suitable for bigger babies until toddler hood. For all experience levels. This wrap required hand wash, dry flat. 

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Puffy Cotton
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