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Yaro Floral Trio Brick...

Yaro Floral Trio Brick Green Caramel Seacell Ring Sling

Contains Color: Green
Yellow, Weave: Trio, 90% Cotton 10% Seacell, 68 cm width, Trio Weave, 290 gm2
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90% Cotton 10% Seacell

68 cm width

Trio Weave

290 gm2

Gathered Shoulder

Silver Rings

This brand new Yaro Floral Trio Brick Green Caramel Seacell has a blend that contains 10% seacell. The sea – the origin of life full of interesting secrets. A whole host of substances which are nowadays used to promote human health come directly from the sea. Seaweed, for example, is full of valuable ingredients used to promote good health. Seacell is an eco-friendly fabric made from seaweed.  A small percentage of the plant is mixed with cellulose. Seacell feels silky and soft. It is breathable and light. The fabric feels soft and supple against the skin. The most impressive aspect of this fibre, however, is that the nutrients seaweed are retained in the fibre, including iron, calcium, magnesium and Vitamin E.The wrap is woven in our signature trio weave. Trio weave is a striong and supporte weave that will keep the biggest babies safe and comfortable.

The colours are beautiful. Yaro Floral Trio Brick Green Caramel Seacell has a light cream coloured side with lovely green pink and yellow flowers and tones. The other side has a gorgeous caramel colour that will reveil it’s shiny secrets in different lighting. This wrap needs a little breaking in but will become nice and soft after some using and a wash. Once broken in you will enjoy and appreciate this wrap with your little newborn as well.

All ages and all experience levels. Machinewash at 30 degrees, delicate settings and low spinning.

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