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Yaro Chemic Chianti Ring Sling

Yaro Chemic Chianti Ring Sling

Contains Color: Beige
Bordeaux, Weave: Plain, Material: 100% Cotton, GSM: 220 - 280 g/m², 100% Cotton , one weft, 60 cm width, 260 gm2
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100% Cotton 

one weft

60 cm width

260 gm2

Gathered Shoulder

Silver rings

Brand new pattern Chemic in a beautiful Chianti red color. This wrap is woven in our signature one weft weave and is extra narrow woven to be the perfect wrap for the smallest newborns. The wrap is soft from the start but one fully broken in will become floppy with silky feel to skin. The colour is deep and saturated and light beige on the reverse side. This wrap is perfect for beginners as well experienced baby wearing caregivers. It can be used for newborns but will comfortably keep your bigger baby in place as well. !00% cotton, easycare all year round wrap that will give you the support you need through your entire baby wearing journey. Machinewash at 30 degrees on delicate settings. 

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Plain 100% Cotton 220 - 280 g/m²
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Yaro Zero Towel Black Ring Sling
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Yaro Zero Towel Black Ring Sling

Contains Color: Black
Grey, Weave: Plain, Material: Chenille, GSM: 220 - 280 g/m², 50% Cotton 50% Cotton Chenille, Approx 230 gm2
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50% Cotton 50% Cotton Chenille

230 g/m2

Beautiful and soft black Towel, soft like a cloud, suitable for all ages from newborn up. All experience levels and easy care.

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Plain Chenille 220 - 280 g/m²
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