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Yaro Luna Duo Black Grey...

Yaro Luna Duo Black Grey Glam Ring Sling

Contains Color: Black
Grey, Weave: Duo, Material: Glitter, GSM: 220 - 280 g/m², 99% Cotton 1% Glitter
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99% cotton 1% glitter

Duo weave

Width 74 cm

250 gsm

Look at this stunning new pattern. Yaro Luna, in a classy black with grey with a subtile glitter.  Wrap is soft from the bag, it wraps easily and once knotted it stays in place. With enough bounce on the shoulders is this a wrap that wraps comfortably. With these colors you can't go wrong!

It feels thin in hand, but is supportive enough for toddlers in a multi layered carry. Suitable for all experience levels.

Machine washable on 30 degrees, low spinning.

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Duo Glitter 220 - 280 g/m²
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Yaro La Vita Duo Yellow...

Yaro La Vita Duo Yellow Grey Blue Ring Sling

Contains Color: Blue
Yellow, Weave: Duo, 100% cotton
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100% cotton

Duo weave

74 cm width

290 gsm

This wrap is 100% cotton, easycare. Gorgeous blue and yellow which turns this in a gorgeous green wrap. . The wrap is medium heavy and needs a moderate breaking in. The wrap is soft enough for a small baby but will carry your toddler comfortably in a ruck as well. The wrap has medium grip so your passes will keep in place without problems. The wrap can be machine washes at 30 degrees on delicate settings. Suitable for all ages and all experience levels.

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