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Yaro Ava Trinity Black...

Yaro Ava Trinity Black Sangria Rainbow Wool Ring Sling

Contains Color: Rainbow, Weave: Trinity, Material: Wool, 70% Cotton 30% Wool
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70% cotton 30% wool

Trinity weave

width 73 cm

290 gsm

With a blend that contains 30% wool, this is al great wrap for this season. Wool has exceptional heat regulating properties, it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. The wrap is of medium weight with makes is suitable for newborn as well as bigger toddlers. The wrap is woven in our signature trinity weave. Trinity weave is our latest development in double layer fabrics following Contra and Ultra weft. It allows more color gradations, greater variety of yarns and makes the fabric even softer. This wrap will be wonderfully soft after a short break in period. The wrap is suitable for all experience levels and all ages. This wrap needs a hand wash, wash and rinse with lukewarm water, flat dry.

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Rainbow Trinity Wool
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Yaro Petals Duo Black Camel...

Yaro Petals Duo Black Camel Rainbow Wool Silk Seacell...

Contains Color: Rainbow, Weave: Duo, Material: Seacell
Wool, GSM: 220 - 280 g/m², 60% Cotton 20% Wool 10% Silk 10% Seacell
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60% Cotton 20% Wool 10% Silk 10% Seacell

Duo weave

74 cm width

250 gsm

Petals. Only have a few words for this wrap: Gorgeous colors, soft and cuddly from the bag and wrapping qualities are amazing. Light in hand, wraps your body like a cloud, a forgiving wrap with enough bounce on shoulders to wrap it comfortably during a long walk. The blend makes it a perfect wrap for warmer days, airy, temperature regulating. Suitable for all ages and experience levels.

Handwash required.

Expected shipping date: end week 23

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Rainbow Duo Seacell
220 - 280 g/m²
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Yaro Moonkeeper Duo Black...
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Yaro Moonkeeper Duo Black Astral Rainbow Ring Sling

Contains Color: Black
Rainbow, Weave: Duo, Material: 100% Cotton, GSM: 220 - 280 g/m², 100% Cotton, Duo Weave, 74 cm width, 265 gm2
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100% Cotton,

Duo Weave,

74 cm width,

265 gm2

Moonkeeper Duo Black Astral Rainbow is an esaycare all cotton wrap of medium weight. The wrap feels light in hand and will break in easy. This wrap is very suitable for newborns but will also be very comfortable in a multi layered wrap job. The Astral Rainbow gives it a colorful but also modest appearance. This wrap can be used all year round. Suitable for all ages and all experience levels. Machine washable at 30 degrees and delicate settings. 

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Duo 100% Cotton 220 - 280 g/m²
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