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Yaro Oasis Puffy Grey Natural Bourette Glam Ring Sling

Yaro Petals Ultra Ocher Green Chenille Ring Sling

Contains Color: Green
Yellow, Weave: Ultra, Material: Chenille, GSM: 350 - 500 g/m², 65% Cotton 35% Cotton Chenille, Ultra Weave, 66 cm width, 390 gm2
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65% Cotton 35% Cotton Chenille

Ultra Weave

66 cm width

390 gm2


Yaro Petals Ultra Ocher Green Chenille is the new Chenille wrap in our Petals pattern.
Deep Green with fresh Ochre makes the Petals stand out shine. This wrap offers loads of grip.
If yoy need a toddlerwrap or want to carry a bigger baby, this is definately the wrap you need.
The Chenille makes the wrap supersoft. This wraps needs a moderate breaking in period.
This wrap is perfect for a ruck, single layered it will be like a cloud on the shoulders.


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Ultra Chenille 350 - 500 g/m²
In Stock