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Yaro Chrys Ultra Burgundy...

Yaro Chrys Ultra Burgundy Sky Linen Ring Sling

Contains Color: Blue
Bordeaux, Weave: Ultra, Material: Cotton
Linen, GSM: 280 - 350 g/m², 70% Cotton 30% Linen, 68 cm width, Ultra Weave, 340 gm2
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70% Cotton 30% Linen

68 cm width

Ultra Weave

340 gm2

Yaro Chrys Ultra Burgundy Sky Linen, our new Chrys in a lovely blend with 30% Linen. Linen is a cool and soft fiber. It is stronger than a cotton fiber. Linen has the excellent resistance to degradation by heat. This makes linen a perfect summer fiber. The wrap is of medium weight. The combination of weave, gm2 and blend make this a perfect wrap for bigger babies up to toddler hood. The wrap has a moderate breaking period, but after some wearing and using it will become soft and moldable. This wrap will be perfect in a ruck. It has a lot of grip, so when wrapped multi layered it will keep in place for hours. This wrap is suitable for bigger baby's and toddlers, and all experience levels. Wash in the machine at delicate settings at 30 degrees, low spinning.

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Ultra Cotton
280 - 350 g/m²
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Yaro Zero Towel Ochre Ring...

Yaro Zero Towel Ochre Ring Sling

Contains Color: Ochre, Weave: Plain, Material: Chenille
Cotton, 50% Cotton 50% Chenille Cotton, One Weft, 68 cm width, 240 gm2
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50% Cotton 50% Chenille Cotton, One Weft, 68 cm width, 240 gm2

Elegant, classy, soft but supportive, thin in hand and great grip. Yaro Zero Towel Ochre has it all. This wrap is great for newborns, but will also keep your toddler up in a comfortable carry as well. It wraps forgivingly and feels nice on the shoulders. It has a moderate breaking in period but after a wash a d some wearing it wil soften up nicely. The Ochre colour gives the wrap a modern look and it will go with any outfit you choose. Suitable for all ages and all experience levels.

Machinwash at delicate settings, 30 degrees and low spinning.

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Ochre Plain Chenille
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