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Yaro Meow Trinity Yellow...

Yaro Meow Trinity Yellow Olive Seacell Flame Ring Sling

Contains Color: Ecru / Creme
Green, Weave: Trinity, Material: Cotton
Seacell, 85% Cotton 15% Seacell, Trinity Weave, 72 cm width, 260 gm2
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85% Cotton 15% Seacell

Trinity Weave

72 cm width

260 gm2

Gathered Shoulder

Silver Rings

New Yaro pattern for all the cat lovers. This wrap has a blend with 15% seacell which makes this wrap very soft. The wrap has a medium weight but feels light in hand. This wrap is perfect for newborn, it has a great glide and feels silky soft top the skin. The wrap needs very little breaking in but is already soft from the package. Double layered you can also use this with your bigger baby or toddler. It wraps like a bandage and feels comfortable at the shoulders. This wrap is suitable for all ages and all experience levels. Your can machine wash at 30 degrees on delicate settings. 

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Ecru / Creme
Trinity Cotton
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Yaro Exoplanet Duo Camel...

Yaro Exoplanet Duo Camel Black Wool Blend Ring Sling

Contains Color: Black
camel, Weave: Duo, Material: Bamboo
Wool, 40% Cotton 40% Wool 10%Silk 10% Bamboo, Duo Weave, 330 gsm, width 73 cm
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40% Cotton 40% Wool 10%Silk 10% Bamboo

Duo Weave

330 gsm

width 73 cm

gathered shoulder

silver rings

Yaro Exoplanet Duo Camel Black Wool Blend, new edition of our Exoplanet design. Detailed woven with exceptional gradients. Camel coloured on champagne and black, this wrap looks very luxurious warm and comfortable. This is the ultimate winter woolly! This wrap feels thick in hand but will soften up after a wash and some wearing. The wrap feels soft to the skin but grippy at the same time. It wraps forgivingly and has a little bounce so it feels comfortable on the shoulders. This wrap needs a little breaking in. This wrap is suitable for bigger babies until toddlerhood. It can be used one layered as well as multi layered. This wrap is suitable for all experience levels. You can hand wash the wrap in lukewarm water. Dry flat. 

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Duo Bamboo
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