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Yaro Luna Duo Black...

Yaro Luna Duo Black Dark-Blue Glam Ring Sling

Contains Color: Black
Blue, Weave: Duo, Material: Glitter, GSM: 220 - 280 g/m², 99% Cotton 1% Glitter
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99% cotton 1% glitter

Duo weave

75 cm width

250 gm2

Yaro Luna, in a classy black with deep blue with a subtile glitter.  Wrap is soft from the bag, it wraps easily and once knotted it stays in place. With enough bounce on the shoulders is this a wrap that wraps comfortably. With these colors you can't go wrong!

It feels thin in hand, but is supportive enough for toddlers in a multi layered carry. Suitable for all experience levels.

Machine washable on 30 degrees, low spinning.

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Duo Glitter 220 - 280 g/m²
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Yaro Hallstatt Spongy Red...
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Yaro Hallstatt Spongy Red Green Blue Modal Ring Sling

Contains Color: Blue
Red, Weave: Spongy, Material: Modal, GSM: 280 - 350 g/m², 75% Cotton 25% Modal
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75% Cotton 25% Modal

Spongy weave

72 cm width

335 gm2

Hallstatt is a new pattern. This wrap is woven with so much detail and color. With a little bounce on the shoulder is this a wrap with a very comfortable feel. This wrap has good grip and when you are done wrapping it will stay in place.

It is easycare and a great allround wrap that can be used in all weather conditions. Suitable for all ages and experience levels.

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Spongy Modal 280 - 350 g/m²
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