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Yaro Moonkeeper Trinity Red Black Modal Seacell Ring Sling

Yaro Moonkeeper Trinity Red Black Modal Seacell Ring Sling

Contains Color: Black
Red, Weave: Trinity, Material: Modal
Seacell, GSM: 350 - 500 g/m², 75% Cotton 15% Modal 10% Seacell,  Trinity Weave, 68 cm width, 360 gm2
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75% cotton, 15% modal, 10% seacell

Trinity weave

68 cm width

360 gm2

Here it is, our new pattern Moonkeeper in a new weave: Trinity. Trinity weave is our futher development into double-layered fabrics, following Contra and Ultra weaves. It allows for more color gradations, wider variation of yarns, and makes the fabric even softer. The blend of cotton modal and seacell adds to the softness of the wrap. It feels soft to the touch, spongy and has lots of support. This wrap can be used from newborn far into toddlerhood and will soften up even more when being used. Get enchanted by this gorgeous fairytale wrap. Dragon, keeper of the moon and carrier of your baby. Suitable for all ages and all experience levels. This wrap can be machine washed at delicate setting and low spinning. Ironing at low temperature.

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Trinity Modal
350 - 500 g/m²
In Stock