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Yaro Pussycat Ultra Silver Natural Yak Ring Sling

Yaro Pussycat Ultra Silver Natural Yak Ring Sling

Contains Color: Brown
Grey, Weave: Ultra, Material: Yak, GSM: 280 - 350 g/m², 70% Cotton 30% Baby Yak, 70 cm width, 320 gm2
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70% Cotton 30% Baby Yak

Ultra weave

70 cm width

320 gm2

This stunning luxury Pussycat has a blend with 30% baby yak. Want to know more about yak fibre? Here we go:

Yak wool has similar properties to other animal fibers, including breath-ability and static-resistance, but has been proven to outperform sheep wool in a number of areas. Warmth: In woolen garments, air pockets are created between the fibers that reduce the rate of heat transfer. This property combined with lanolin allowing wool to keep you warm when wet. Independently conducted tests on yak down suggest that it is warmer than merino wool.
Softness: Although cashmere has already been firmly established in the market, yak wool has potential to be sold as a luxury product due to its softness and the (currently) sustainable and eco-friendly means used for gathering the fibers.
Breathability: In general, wool's comfort comes from its thermo-balance characteristics. The breathability factor of a material depends on its ability to absorb moisture relative to its weight and then release it into the air. The higher the absorption value the better the textile is at adapting to humidity level changes. This wrap is suitable for newborns as well as toddlers. The wrap is soft from te start and for all experience levels.

The wrap should be washed by hand and dry flat.

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Ultra Yak 280 - 350 g/m²
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