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Yaro Everest Trio Silver Blue Tencel

Yaro Everest Trio Silver Blue Tencel

Contains Color: Blue
Navy, Weave: Trio, Material: Tencel, GSM: 280 - 350 g/m², 75% Cotton 25% Tencel, Trio Weave, 71 cm, width 330 gm2
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75% Cotton 25% Tencel

Trio Weave

71 cm width

330 gm2

Yaro Everest Trio Silver Blue Tencel is another first edition of a new Yaro pattern! This is something else, untouched and exciting, a magical landscape. Mountaintops covered with silvery snow under the starry skies. The dark-blue side makes you think of the moonlight night while the turquoise side gives a much softer feel and a blue sky.Trio weave is our newest development. This weaving technique incorporates 3 different wefts in order to maximize the comfort of the woven wrap and the visual appearance of the pattern. The interplay of the 3 different wefts results in a strong and supportive wrap without being too overwhelming. The material takes the shape of the body and stays well in place during the wrap job. It's a versatile weave, suitable for younger babies and will be perfect for toddlers. The color scheme of the 3 wefts has a possibility of hundreds different shades which gives depth to the picture and a more detailed interpretation of the pattern.Machine-wash at delicate setting at 30 degrees and low-heat ironing.

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Trio Tencel 280 - 350 g/m²
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