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Yaro Produce Bags La Vita...

Yaro Produce Bags La Vita Organic Set of 5

Weave: Plain, Material: 100% Cotton, Set of 5 100%  organic cotton Produce Bags, 1x 50x35 cm, 2x 36x17 cm, 2x 23x14 cm
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Set of 5 100% organic cotton Produce Bags

1x 50x35 cm

2x 36x17 cm

2x 23x14 cm

In a world in which we are increasingly aware of the harmful effects of plastic, we are always looking for sustainable solutions to contribute to a cleaner environment. It is recognizable to everyone, every time you go shopping and want to take fresh products with you, you put them back in a plastic bag. Yaro Slings is known for its innovative sustainable products. For example, we recently added Produce Bags to our collection. A set of 5 reusable washable organic cotton bags in three different sizes, which you can use again and again when you visit the supermarket, grocerystore or bakery.

You'll feel great using less plastic, so do your part for the planet by investing in handy reusable bags for your daily shopping.

Yaro Produce Bags are tightly woven, making them suitable not only for vegetables and bread, but also for smaller foods such as grains, nuts, flour and sugar.

We have also found other uses for these bags: they are ideal for use in the washing machine for delicate underwear, facial cleansing wipes and athletic shoes, or as storage for small items such as wire spools, toys, sunglasses, cords and loads while traveling.

Turn them inside out and wash them by hand in warm water. If you prefer to wash them in the machine, use a delicate cycle. Then let them air dry.

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Plain 100% Cotton
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